Tzedek Box Fellowship

We have a new program just for the leaders who are bringing Tzedek Box to their communities!

What is the Tzedek Box Fellowship?

A year-long cohort of outstanding Jewish educational leaders, eager to supercharge the work of justice and righteousness in the classrooms and communities we serve.

How do I join?

Complete an online application today! Please direct any questions about the Tzedek Box Fellowship to Rabbi Heather Shore at

Who is the Tzedek Box Fellowship for?

Whether you’re running a service program, teaching in a classroom, or cultivating grassroots community through local service projects, this fellowship is an opportunity to connect with other Jewish leaders who, like you, have their hands in the dirt of our world in an effort to seed a better future for us all. You’ll get the chance to think critically about what’s Jewish about Tzedek, gain concrete tools to enhance your educational justice practices, and engage with text, liturgy, and peers who prioritize linking our contemporary world building efforts to our ancient Jewish traditions.

What will I do as a Tzedek Box Fellow?

As a Tzedek Box Fellow, you’ll work alongside a cohort of colleagues to integrate intentional reflection into your community’s tikkun olam efforts. Using the Tzedek Box methodology, you’ll gain the tools, communal support, and language to link all of the many acts of Tzedek you and your community pursue into a single, coherent project for building a better world together. You’ll get the chance to plan a program launch, determine your community’s ritual rhythm, debrief and troubleshoot with your peers during the year, and execute a meaningful closing culmination ceremony that invites your community into an honest Heshbon HaTzedek together. You’ll get the chance to feel a little less lonely in the work you’re doing, and to help someone else feel supported as well. You’ll celebrate and support your work with like-minded colleagues who think critically about what it takes to sustain both meaningful acts of justice and honest reflection about our intent and impact on the world around us.

Session Dates

By signing on as a Tzedek Box Fellow, you’re committing to making our monthly cohort sessions to the best of your ability and to implementing Tzedek Box in your community over the course of the 2023-2024 / 5784 calendar year.

Session 1: Oct.16, 2023

Session 2: Nov. 20, 2023

Session 3: Jan. 22, 2024

Session 4: Mar. 18, 2024

Session 5: Apr. 15, 2024

Session 6: Jun. 3, 2024

1:1 debrief: TBD

Get all the details in this info packet!

Tzedek Box Fellowship Info Packet.pdf