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We are growing our team of volunteers committed to building and becoming a Jewish community for justice and dignity for all. Is that you or someone you know?

Who We're Looking For

We are seeking volunteers and volunteer leaders in each of the following areas. Currently, all positions are unpaid. We aim to be able to offer some level of compensation in the future to those working 5+ hours a week.

User Experience Team

  • Responsible for proposing our strategy for future features

  • Ongoing: monitoring analytics; engaging with users to determine preferences and desires

  • Great for a data lover, people person, and problem-solver

  • 1-3 hours per week

Editorial Team

  • Responsible for the home page of the app, including a news feed and a feed for editorials, sermons, poems and opinions

  • Multiple times a week: monitor news sources, identify relevant content, and post; co-curating our Instagram account

  • Great for someone who likes to stay on top of the news; requires excellent judgment and consistency

  • 3-5 hours per week

Events Team

  • Responsible for an engaging, well-attended virtual event of reflection and rededication at the end of April each year

  • Leading up until the end of April: planning and marketing a ritual in which users open their Tzedek Boxes

  • Great for someone who loves planning and coordinating gatherings

  • 3-5 hours per week leading up to event, smaller time commitment during the rest of the year

Marketing and Outreach Team

  • Responsible for growing our community of users

  • Ongoing: identifying audiences to reach and developing strategies for adoption (e-mail, FB live events, phone calls, conference appearances, webinars); co-curating our Instagram account

  • Great for someone with a passion for justice who loves to tell people what they are missing, with strong relationship, communication and tech skills

  • 3-5 hours per week

Partnerships Team

  • Responsible for ensuring users have plentiful, meaningful opportunities on the app

  • Ongoing: cultivate a new set of partners, while ensuring existing partners are posting their opportunities; instruct partners on how to upload their opportunities using our central system or our “tribes,” where partners can form opt-in groups

  • Great for someone with organizational skills, strong judgment and communication skills

  • 1-3 hours per week

Education Team

  • Responsible for ensuring educators know how they can use the Tzedek Box with students and families

  • Monthly: Creating communications (documents, webinars, newsletters, sections of our website) for educators of children 5-12, as well as teen educators; hosting opportunities for educators to share their experiences and ask questions; special push for summer training prior to the start of Hebrew school

  • Great for a creative thinker committed to children and justice

  • 1-3 hours per week

Apply or Submit a Referral

Any of these areas right up your alley? Or do you know someone we need to meet? Please complete the application or referral form below to get in touch.

We are especially seeking people who are interested in long-term volunteer opportunities. After filling out the form, you will be invited to share more about your skills, passions, interests and availability with current members of the Tzedek Box team before being matched with one of our teams to get involved with the work.