May justice flow like water

The Tzedek Box is a new ritual supporting Jews and their allies in the ancient pursuit of a more just society. Every time you strive to build a better world, add a note to your box. Once a year, open the box.

From 2018 - Now

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Thank you to our generous supporters

We are proud to be supported by The Jewish Education Project. The Jewish Education Project is the only organization that works across the New York Jewish community across denominations and institutional settings, to help educators develop new, innovative ways to engage and educate Jewish kids, teens and families.
Thank you to the Hebrew Union College Be Wise Enterpreneurial Fellowship, which has funded two years of Tzedek Box development.
Tzeedek Box has been supported by the Center for Rabbinic Innovatiion's Fellowship for Rabbinic Entrepreneurs, a one-year fellowship for rabbinical students and early-career rabbis and clergy of all denominations who seek to build the communities they wish to serve.